Finding Most Profitable Products for Amazon

There are millions of products that are being sold on Amazon and people are making huge returns on the investment figures which they made from the very point of getting registered with Amazon as a seller to the point of start getting the profits back. However, due to a number of reasons, not every seller can make huge profits on any of the products.

There are a number of reasons for every product to not profit winning despite the current demand for the product. Below are some points which make a product be profitable products to sell on Amazon.

1.   A product is considered a winning product if it is selling over 300 units on monthly basis.

2.   A product is considered a winning product if the product has a selling trend over more than three years of the time period.

3.   A product is considered to be a profit-wining product if it had a profit margin of over 30% while it is sourced from the main wholesale markets and not from the suppliers or resellers.

4.   A product is considered to be a winning product if it can be launched with a small investment in the initial stage. In most cases, the products are considered to have an average selling price between 15 to 50 dollars.

5.   A product is considered a profit-winning product if it has few sellers. A product having less than 3000 sellers on Amazon is a good sign for selling in the future. If the number of sellers is more than 3000, then it means the new seller cannot make good profits while selling that product.

A product having the above features can be then provided actual market statistics by the Zonbase, which is tailored research software to get the data directly from the Amazon Algorithm (A9). For this main reason, Zonbase is able to make the search results original and accurate to make the analysis of the product in the best possible way.

Below are the Zonbase Product researching points which are analyzed to get the winning product through Zonbase.

1.   The product is analyzed on the competition and demand statistics from the Amazon real marketplace and then a score is granted to the product whether it would be sold or not.

2.   The category or the niches of the product is also analyzed if the products in that niche or category are being sold or not. If the products in that category are not being sold with an average selling figure on monthly basis, it is not a recommendable product.

3.   The past year’s record of the product along the niches is analyzed to make the judgment of whether the product could be sold or not.

4.   The product is analyzed on figures of the existing sellers and the new sellers in the last six months. If the top sellers are making enough sales, it can be recommended for sale and it the top sellers are not making enough sales, it’s better to not sell that product.

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