NCERT Books: Tips to score 90% and above in the CBSE Board Exams

The most common question which appears in the minds of students is, “What are the strategies and tips to score 90% and more in the final exams?” It is a genuine question as most of the students will be worried about their marks to obtain a seat in well known colleges of their choice. Hard work from the beginning of the academic year mainly helps in scoring well in the board exams. Perfect study material, reference guides, notes and question papers are the main keys to ace the exams confidently.

Students are advised to refer to the NCERT Books for all the subjects as it is prescribed by the CBSE board. These books are designed by the faculty with utmost care by keeping in mind the understanding abilities of the students. Referring to these books will mainly enhance the problem solving and time management skills among the students which is important for the exams. It also provides a strong base of the fundamentals as it is crucial for the students even in their higher levels of education. For crucial subjects like Mathematics, students are recommended to make use of the NCERT Solutions Class 8 Maths available online for a strong knowledge of concepts which are continued till Class 10 and further.

Tips to Score Well in the CBSE Board Exams

1. Know the syllabus

The CBSE syllabus for the academic year has to be read first by the students before starting off with the chapters. This will provide a clear understanding of the concepts which are important from the exam point of view. It will also help the students in spending equal time on concepts based on the marks’ weightage.

2. Make use of best study materials

Students have to make use of the study materials which are prescribed by the CBSE board for the exam preparation. NCERT Books are mainly designed to provide a clear understanding of the basic concepts among the students irrespective of their intelligence level. Numerous questions are present at the end of each chapter to provide students with a knowledge of the type of questions that would be asked in the final exams.

3. Make notes

While learning each chapter, students should prepare notes for the important topics present in the textbook. This will help the students revise the concepts on a daily basis and answer accordingly in their exams. It acts as a best resource for revision purposes as students need not spend more time on understanding the basics of any concept.

4. Read formulas, theorems and concepts daily

In subjects like Mathematics and Science, students have to prepare a list of the important formulas and theorems learnt in the subject. By reading it on a regular basis, students will be able to recall the formulas based on the types of questions asked in the final exams. It will also improve the conceptual knowledge among students which is crucial to face the exams without fear.

Students can follow the tips mentioned above to score more than 90% marks in the board exams. NCERT Solutions Class 9 Science can be referred to by the students for accurate answers of the textbook questions. Each concept is explained using simple language in order to help the students with their exam preparation. It will also help the students grasp the method of answering complex questions effortlessly in their final exams.

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