What Can You Do to Fix a Gummy Smile?

A gummy grin reveals too much of your gum line, which may create discomfort or uneasiness for many individuals. Gummy grins, also known as an excessive gingival show, may be caused by various dental disorders, including a jaw development problem, an improper bite, and a hyperactive or too short upper lip. But one crucial issue remains: can a gummy grin be fixed?

Non-surgical alternatives are available to help you correct your gummy grin. The most common non-surgical treatments for correcting a gummy grin are listed below.

Treatment for Orthodontics

If your gummy grin is caused by a jaw problem or an improper bite, orthodontic treatment may be an excellent alternative. By addressing these underlying concerns, you may address both the pain and suffering produced by these illnesses and the cosmetic issue of a gummy grin.

Your gums may show less with a properly aligned grin, reducing the look of your gummy smile. Make an appointment with your dentist or orthodontist to discuss if orthodontic treatment is the best solution for your gummy smile.

Gum Contouring Using Laser

Laser gum contouring is comparable to gingivectomy; however, unlike gingivectomy, this operation contours the gums and moves your gum line back. This surgery, like a regular gingivectomy, is minimally invasive, reshapes the gum line, and is often performed for cosmetic and aesthetic reasons rather than medical needs. Laser gum contouring often removes more gum tissue than a typical gingivectomy. However, the quantity removed varies based on your mouth and gum form.

Both laser gum contouring and conventional gingivectomy will most likely need a local anaesthetic. Both of these operations are likely to cause discomfort. However, the pain level may vary depending on how much of your gum is removed. When you discuss your treatment choices with your dentist or orthodontist, they will provide you with more detailed instructions.

Botox or Lip Repositioning Surgery?

Lip repositioning is the surgical movement of the lip downward.

You have a few treatment choices if a hyperactive upper lip causes a gummy smile. Lip repositioning surgery, in which your lip is surgically shifted downward to cover more of your gums and make your smile more proportional, is one possibility. This minimally invasive technique may help you get a more proportionate grin and eliminate your gummy smile.

Botox may help with your gummy smile if you have a hyperactive upper lip. When you inject Botox into your upper lip, it restricts the range of movement of your upper lip, reducing the number of gums that show when you smile. This is a relatively minor problem if a hyperactive upper lip causes your gummy grin. However, lip repositioning surgery is not a permanent remedy for your gummy grin and will wear off in three to six months. Consult your dentist or orthodontist to determine which solutions are best for you.

How Much Does a Gummy Smile Correction Cost?

The cost of correcting your gummy smile in Singapore may vary based on various variables. Depending on the treatment choice, it might cost as little as $300 or as much as $8,000. Of course, it will be more costly if your option requires several visits, treatments, or surgery.

You should always discuss the cost of your procedure with your dentist or orthodontist. The cheapest alternative, often root planing and scaling, may seem appealing to your cash account, but it is not always the greatest choice for correcting your gummy grin.

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